Sustainable Surgical Solutions

Bionically inspired technology for
assisting keyhole surgery

LaproArm EH - Laparoscopic Camer Holder

LaproArm EH
Laparoscope holder

The LaproArm EH is a mechanical laparoscope holder used during minimally invasive surgery. It is cost-efficient, easy-to-use and is operated with a single hand. The device is comparable to a robotic system.


RCM technology
Remote Centre of Motion

Our cutting-edge technology enables accurate positioning of rigid instruments, such as laparoscopes, through a fulcrum. This technology has a wide range of applications within robotic medical technology.

engineering tools

Contract Manufacturing

We offer manufacturing services for small and medium-sized series of both mechanical devices and high precision components. With our high-end tool shop, we meet the stringent specifications regarding medical devices (class I).