"Your Extra Hand" 

Laparoscopic camera holder

LaproArm EH

  • Improved Efficiency and Ergonomics

  • Operated Simply with a Single Hand

  • Re-use Within Minutes, Surgery after Surgery

"Do your surgery

       as you do it today"


laparoscopic camera holder

Abdominal Surgery



The pictures shown here above were taken during "performance testing" of the device.  


Laparoscopic Camera Holder: Features and benefits

A stable image and improved work ergonomics are just some of the benefits of using our laparoscope holder.

Single-Handed operated

Single-Handed operated

The device is operated simply and with a single hand: "drag and drop" the laparoscope in the desired position.

Easy click-off

Simple click on/off

Click off the instrument holder for free movement, for example, to clean the lens. Click it back on just as quickly when the device is needed again.

Rigid Laparoscopes

Rigid Laparoscopes

The system can hold all rigid laparoscopic optics of 3 mm, 5 mm and 10 mm.

Bionic Arm

Bionic Arm

Our kinematic model is biomimetically engineered. The LaproArm EH holder is fixed in volume and doesn't swing out during movements, similar to the human hand and underarm.
(read more about the technology)

Intensive use

Intensive use

The LaproArm EH is covered with a standard sterile drape and the sterilisable accessories (adaptor and instrument holder) are autoclavable. As a result, the device is ready for the next surgery within minutes.

Ergonomic & Efficient

Ergonomic & Efficient

The surgeon gains more control over her/his operation without changing the usual way of working. Even in extreme positions, the stability of the image is ensured. Highly trained assistants can perform other demanding tasks due to improved efficiency.

LaproArm EH - Robotic Camera Holder

The word robot is a derivation from the Czech word "robota" meaning "forced labour" or hard work. And holding the laparoscope can be hard work…
In the LaproArm EH, instead of electronics, we use our robust mechanical principle (our ingenious RCM technology) which makes it act like a bionic arm. It is operated by your single hand, similar to what you are used to today when you need to correct the camera’s position.
All of the above makes the LaproArm EH comparable to the more complex robotically controlled laparoscope holders.

Laparoscopic Camera Holder: Components 

Laparoscopic Camera Holder: Documentation

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