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Sustainable Surgical Solutions

operates like a

human under-arm

LaproArm EH

Laparoscopic Camera Holder

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Sustainable Surgical Solutions


LaproArm EH

Laparoscopic Camera Holder


get in control 

operates like a human under-arm


a extra hand


Control a stable laparoscopic image


single-handed controled


At HEPHAESTUS Surgical, we are passionate about designing and manufacturing high-quality medical devices. All our devices are made and designed inhouse, in Belgium. 

Our roots are laid in precision tooling, machinery and technology.  Our team is active in the medical device field since 2006. Over the years we managed to get a lot of practical and theoretical insights in the field of laparoscopic surgery and instrument manipulation. This enabled us to create a unique category RCM mechanism with a practical fit for surgical robots and co-bots. We aim at launching an extended line of endoscopic instrument positioners and manipulation over time.

The LaproArm series are laparoscopic camera positioning systems, covering the basic need for solo surgery: the image. 

The LaproArm EH model is a mechanical laparoscope holder developed for abdominal and thoracic minimal invasive surgery.

The device is based on our cutting-edge ‘bionic RCM technology’ which makes it unique. Because of this technology the LaproArm EH does not swing out during movement. It is cost-efficient, easy-to-use and is operated with a single hand.

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