the ideal laparoscope holder

mechanical laparoscope manipulator

A stable image and improved work ergonomics are just some of the benefits of using the VESALIUS LaproArm-f.

The VESALIUS LaproArm-f is a dynamic laparoscope manipulator that can be operated simply and with one hand. Depending on the weight and the position of the laparoscope, the surgeon can adjust the braking force at any time. If necessary, the laparoscope can always be disconnected from the device and moved freely. Re-coupling is done equally quickly. By combinig a standard drape and sterilizable accessoiries, the device can be used frequently.

Stable images
Even in the most difficult positions, the use of the VESALIUS LaproArm-f offers a stable and fixed image.

Bionic arm
All devices from the VESALIUS series behave like a forearm. They are fixed in volume and do not pivot. As a result they will not unexpectedly interfere with other instruments during movement.

The VESALIUS LaproArm-f is covered with a standard drape. The sterilizable accessories (adaptor and instrument holder) are autoclavable. As a result, there are virtually no running costs.

Ergonomic and efficient
The surgeon gains more control over her/his operation. Even in extreme positions, the image is retained. Highly trained assistants can perform demanding tasks more efficiently.

Intensive use
The durable device is installed in a matter of minutes. As a result it can provide support for virtually all laparoscopic procedures on a daily basis.


Developed for laparoscope manipulation

The LaproArm-f is a mechanical device with friction brakes. The friction can be adjusted depending on the weight and position of the laparoscope. If necessary, the laparoscope can always be disconnected from the device and moved freely. The laparoscope can be clicked off the system at any time and can be moved freely. Re-coupling is done equally quickly.

The use of this device leads to obvious advantages such as:

stable and detailed image
better ergonomics for the surgical team
surgeon controls her/his operation


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