Your third hand


endoscopische instrument manipulators

Can you imagine?
An "assistant" who does exactly what you want and never weakens!

The devices from the VESALIUS series work like the ideal assistant. Our devices function as a forearm. They are compact, easy to use and can be operated with one hand.

The systems are built according to our unique RCM model. Due to their unique and compact structure, they do not interfere with the other instruments during manipulation.


Be the master of your instruments
more autonomy for the surgeon
operated with one hand

Copact in use
fixed volume, does not pivot
does not unexpectedly interfere with other instruments

Comfort for the surgical team
beter ergonomics
less muscular load

Cost efficient
monotonous tasks are "automated"
quickly installed



Mechanical laparoscope manipulator

The VESALIUS LaproArm-f is a mechanical laparoscope manipulator that is operated simply and with one hand. If necessary, the laparoscope can always be disconnected from the device and moved freely. Recoupling is done equally quickly.

By combining a standard drape and sterilizable accessories, the devices can be used frequently and cheaply on a daily basis for virtually all laparoscopic surgeries.

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universal endoscopic instrument manipulator

The VESALIUS EndoArm-p is a universal instrument manipulator with which instruments can be moved without resistance or rigidly fixed. The device is developed for the manipulation of tissue, ecarteurs and other cases where the haptic feedback is important. This product works in conjunction with the VESALIUS LaproArm-f.

The VESALIUS EndoArm-p is still in development and will be available from 06/2019.

freedom of movement

RCM model

Remote Center of Motion

The devices from the VESALIUS series are built according to our unique RCM model. This model fits perfectly within, among other applications, minimal invasive surgery (MIS).

With this kinematic model, a quarter of a sphere can be fully described; this offers a lot of possibilities. During manipulation, the systems remain compact and does not pivot (swing out) when moved.

Designed and manufactured
in Belgium