Contract Manufacturing

Our tool shop is equipped with a wide variety of CNC machine tools. With our team of specialized craftsmen, we manufacture high precision parts in stainless steel and high-performance plastics and provide assembly services according to medical devices specifications. Our machining capabilities for precision parts go from regular turning to milling up to 9-axes complete mill-turning.

From concept to market

Our team of skilled engineers and technicians are well experienced in developing medical devices class I. Starting from a concept/idea, we assist in defining the product design specifications and the realization of a detailed design. After the in-house manufacturing of prototype(s), we can provide verification and validation. Once the design has been approved, we offer production services for the final product.

CNC tool shop

Rapid prototyping

3D printing

Plastics, Metal


CNC milling

CNC Milling


1.200mm x 600mm x 600mm


Ø 400mm x 400mm

CNC turning

CNC Turning

2-axis turning

Ø 50mm 400mm x 600mm

2-axis drilling/milling

Ø 0,3mm - 300mm x 400mm

CNC MillTurn

CNC MillTurn

9-axis complete manufacturing

Ø 50mm - 300mm - L 1.000mm