At HEPHAESTUS Surgical, we are passionate about designing and manufacturing high-quality medical devices.

We offer two main services: 

  • solutions and technology to assist keyhole surgery

  • contract manufacturing services for medical devices

HEPHAESTUS Surgical emerged as a spin-in from the industrial manufacturing company Metal Aarschot nv. This company has a high tech tool shop with more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and electromechanical engineering.

In Greek mythology, Hephaestus was the God of blacksmiths and metalworking. He 's the icon for ancient high tech, quality and brilliance. This is the inspiration for HEPHAESTUS Surgical.


Hephaestus is the Greek god who created tools for gods and heroes. His tool shop was located in Mount Etna, Italy.

Assisting Keyhole surgery

This activity finds its roots in a PhD project (prof. dr. ir. Hsiao-wei Tang), which started in 2005 at the University of Leuven. Continuous research and years of practical testing, in collaboration with surgeons, industry and academics, led to the in-house development of a novel patented Remote Centre of Motion (RCM) mechanism (read more). 


To assist laparoscopic surgeons by offering simple assistive (electro-) mechanical solutions for instrument handling, based on our technology. We provide sustainable products, economically and cost-efficient products.  Additionally, we offer licences for our technology for keyhole surgery.


With our technology, we can create extra hands for laparoscopic surgeons. We enter the market by offering "the extra hand" every surgeon needs, a mechanical camera holder. Meanwhile, R&D is developing more advanced universal instrument holders, offering surgeons multiple extra hands for different tasks. By collaboration with investors, surgeons and OEM, we can create new forms of surgical robots and cobot in a bionic embodiment.

R&D - Manufacturing

Our in-house engineering and manufacturing are based upon more than 30 years of experience in electro-mechanical industrial subcontracting. The department consists of ten people from electro-mechanics MSc and highly skilled craftsman.